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After 18 months of school, I graduated from film school with an Associates of Science.


Source: directorwes

I told Zune to shuffle music and this song came on. When I first heard it back in 2005, I remember going through a lot… It wasn’t necessarily a good year for me.

I think about what’s changed since then, and I’m glad I didn’t do the things I thought about doing…

So much has happened. I’ve met awesome people,┬ácompeted school, got my license, and so much more. I really appreciate everything I have and the people who still deal with me on a daily basis :P


I always manage to find the girls who are already dating someone else.

Just my luck I guess -_-


So last night my mom asked me how much the 2013 Ford Fusion costs…

And I want that car.


It’s simple! I’ll be home alone drinking and playing the Mass Effect 3 demo!


Feeling invisible.


Wanting someone to talk to.


Finally, something wise comes out of my mouth.

"Never let anyone get in the way of your dreams, whether it be a single person, or a huge corporation.

You will always have the right to be you, don’t ever forget that.”


It’s my birthday in two weeks. Woot.